Every Short-Term Rental Requires A Unique Approach

Your Short-Term Rental Property, Managed Your Way

I need more control with cleaning and laundry services in my units.


I need one dashboard where I can manage everything.


I need an easier way to manage guest turnovers.


I need clear financial breakdowns to know where my gross income is going.


How Propzie’s Technology Benefits Our Users

Lori Ott Seasonal Host
  • * Rents out his home when is away on business travel.
  • * Rents temporarily to help cover mortgage and home expenses.
  • * Manages all short-term rental operations from a distance.
“Propzie provides me with one dashboard to rent and manage… I can do everything, from communicate with guests to dealing with laundry services.”
Jose Moreen Property Owner
  • * Rents a few properties short-term throughout the year, and does not live at the properties.
  • * Has no time to manage properties and the services required for each guest.
  • * Wants to maximize profit and have more control of his business.
“I'm a real estate investor, but managing my rental units in the short-term rental market requires too much of my time. With Propzie, I can oversee every aspect of my rentals at the comfort of my desk.”
Hofstatter Properties Landlord Multi-Unit owner
  • * Rents properties as a real estate investor in the short-term rental market.
  • * Needs professional software for accounting, budgeting & reporting.
  • * Has cleaners and laundry services already established, but needs strong customer service for guest support..
“As a real estate corporation, we take great pride in the ownership of our real estate assets. Transparency with cash-flow and financial reports are essential for running our business. With Propzie, we are happy with the results.”

How We Can Help

Using the Propzie dashboard, landlords and property managers can manage every aspect of guest turnover. It’s an on-demand, app-based service for short-term rental management, and it’s changing everything.

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