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Nothing happens in a vacuum, and for Propzie, this is especially true.

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About us

Our company was founded on sharing – properties, that is  –  and it only makes sense that we would now share our ideas with a bigger audience. Our business started in 2014 in Miami when a good friend left us her furnished home to rent while she was away.

The demand for her fully furnished apartment was incredibly high, and we decided to invest in our own units as well. But with great income and fast turnover comes even greater responsibility. We learned how intense customer service can be, how demanding professional cleaning can be, and how home essentials must be continually stocked (and restocked).

That’s why we created Propzie for the rental market. As an innovator in our field, we have taken property management software and “turbocharged” it. On a single platform, a landlord or property manager of any size can subscribe to receive service (such as cleaning and restocking) from vetted providers for every guest visit. The traditional short-term rental issues with service providers are solved with Propzie, revealing operations that are smarter, safer, and smoother than ever before.


Daniel Detoni - CEO
Yari Carrizo - COO
Felipe Hofstatter - CBDO